EAC/GOST DoC registration procedure is changed after 2021.01.01. According to the current CU TR/EAEU TR/GOST DoC registration procedure, there were two ways to register Declarations of Conformity (DoC):

  • DoC can be registered by a certification body;
  • DoC can be registered directly by a local representative of a manufacturer.

Until recently, these ways were absolutely equal. At the same time, according to Russian legislation (Federal «Technical Regulation law»), the certification body does not have the authority to register declarations of conformity (DoC). Currently, the powers of certification bodies are being re-evaluated. At the end of this period (approximately at the end of December 2020) certification bodies will not be able to register declarations. Therefore, we recommend you to register your declarations together with our authorized company directly in the Federal register. This service is based on you test reports, CU/EAEU TR/EAC accreditation not required, fast and smooth.

local representative services

A lot of well-known brands and international test labs already used our local representative (LR) service for many years with no problems. PoA (Power-of-Attorney) for any importers to clear customs is always free and prepared in a day.