Our goal is to find the simplest, smooth and reasonable way to receive all necessary EAC or GOST or FAC certificates. Of course it should be a legal way. After it we organize procedure based on such way that operates for a long time and satisfies all partners, clients, manufacturers or agents.

Recently EAEU technical regulation is changing faster than ever before. Obviously, we consult our clients for every technical regulation or national standard question they have and send us. But RC company provided not only technical support for foreign manufacturers. We also guarantee our juridical support for many questions your clients or you have.

Our company is a member of TechUnion association that joins many accredited lab and certification bodies in LVD, EMC, RoHS scope in Russia and many well-known manufactures of IT and Telecom equipment. We try to make certification procedure easy and smooth as possible and we focuses on such points that allow us to recognize the results of other test in accordance with harmonized standards to avoid re-testing or re-inspection.

Together with our colleagues from the association, we are improving the technical regulation in EAEU and Russia and trying to do it more clear and stable. Anyway, we are always ready to help you to find the most reasonable, fast and simple option to get all of necessary certificates to put your equipment on Russian and EAEU market.