General terms of FAC certification and declaration

The basic terms of FAC / Telecom regulation is presented at the table below. You can find more detailed information and FAC declaration and certificate images in our telecom presentation in pdf format. If you have any questions don't hesitate ask us by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We should explain for you there is no direct recognition of any other overseas certificates, declarations, test reports and factory inspections for FAC / telecom approvals. But our partner labs can reissue CB/CE reports in accordance with FAC / telecom requirements without re-testing if they find all necessary technical information in your test reports and documentations. Our company also provides local declaration representative services for overseas manufacturers who doesn’t have a local representative company in Russia.

Territory and terms of FAC regulation
  • FAC / Telecom certification and declaration system is a part of Russian national regulation
  • FAC regulation is applicable on Russian territory only for selling and operating of telecom equipment
  • FAC regulation has nothing to do with EAEU (CU TR — Safety and EMC) and any other regulations
  • That's why no need to provide FAC declaration to clear customs to import telecom equipment into EAEU / CU country-members

Object of FAC certification and declaration

  • Equipment or software that's provided a telecom functionality and service
  • Equipment connected to CTN (Common Telecom Network)
Federal authority

FAC — Federal Agency of Communications

Federal on-line register

You can always check the document status at federal register on-line:

Certification mark

No special mark

Family and similar models
  • Only single model should be specified on FAC (telecom) declaration — no series, no family, no similar models in FAC declaration
  • There can be several similar models, series or family specified in FAC (telecom) certificate
  • No administrative responsibility for violation yet for manufacturers and their representatives but the changes are in a process
  • Sellers, operators and end-users are solely responsible for compliance with FAC requirements

Declarant of declaration procedure should be local Russian company only. Date and # of contract between declarant (representative company) and manufacturer should be specified on declaration obligatory.

Modular approval

Manufacturer can approve a telecom built-in module or an end-user device, it doesn't matter legally. It depends on manufacturer's choice only. But to approve an end-user device should be better way. If a manufacturer approves only a module, in this case the one has to provide some legal and design information to many officials its partners (for example — importer, customs clearance office etc.) that the end-user device includes the module which has been completely approved. Sometimes it may be difficult. We can offer a discount to register the declarations if some families include the identical module.