Some information of FSS notification is presented below.

Regulation authority

Published and regulated by CU / EAEU Commission, official site:

Registration authority

Federal security service of each country-members

Scope of application It's kind of limitation to import some cryptographic equipment into CU / EAEU territory only and applicable:
  • for all country-members;
  • for custom clearance procedure used by importer only;
  • not used by seller or operator


Not required special mark


There should be local applicant only acting under apostilled PoA obligatory.

Our company registers FSS notifications for 2 cases only in accordance with items 8 and 9 of the notification list.

  1. Item #8. Portable or mobile radioelectronical civilian production (for example, for commercial mobile radio-telecommunication), which is not able to provide end-to-end encryption (from one subscriber to others)
  2. Item #9. Wireless radio-electronic equipment which can encrypt an information in radio channel only up to 400m without amplification and re-translation in accordance with manufacturer’s technical specifications