GOST R system and GOST marking rule is not relevant now. The new amendments to the technical regulation law will be enforced from June 21, 2021. It will effect on batteries in electronics scope as well. From that moment, Market Placement mark should be put on marking plate for Li-Ion portable rechargeable batteries. You can find picture file of new mark below. These changes apply only to Russia. Announcement in .pdf file.


GOST marking was cancelled about 5 years ago when cancelled GOST R certification system. GOST DoC (It's short name, correctly — National Russian DoC in accordance with GOST standard requirements) was and will be applicable for battery in Russia.

The new thing — battery should be marked by Market Placement Mark after 20.06.2021, previously developed and used for national TR. Don't confuse it with Unified Market Placement Mark (= EAC used for CU/EAEU TR). EAC DoC cannot be used instead of GOST DoC.

Download pixel and vector image of Market Placement Mark.

National placement mark 700px