It's very important to know some criteria when an equipment should be declared or certified as telecom equipment by FAC — Federal Agency of Communication. The  following questions and answers explain it.

Q: Is there an equipment list for obligatory FAC certification?
Which of them should be certified or declared in telecom system obligatory?
A: No such list. All of them or nothing can be certified and registered by FAC.

Q: Why?
A: Cause it’s incorrect criterion. It depends on scope of use.

Q: What criterion is right?
A: The right criterion is "When"? If any equipment is connected to Public Telecom Network (PTN) or any equipment or software is used to provide a telecom service in this case it should be certified or declared obligatory and registered by FAC in telecom system.

So not only mobile phone or Wi-Fi, BT, GSM, PSTN equipment but battery, software, telecom and power cable etc could be certified and declared by FAC as telecom equipment if it's used by telecom provider for commercial telecom service.

You can find more details of FAC certification system here.

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