There are three kind of equipment — Smartphone, Notebook and Tablet that is similar to each other of regulation scope and require to obtain some similar CU TR / EAEU certificates, declarations and other approvals to import, clear customs and sale on Russian market. Generally all documents could be separated onto three categories.

  1. CU TR / EAEC certificate — is obligatory approval in accordance with EMC CU TR requirements that is used always and everywhere and it's under customs and market monitoring of all countries: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, more details... Smartphone and tablet are considered as a personal computers also as a device having processor, memory, storage, input&output devices and running under the operational system control that's why in accordance with CU TR 020/2011 it's object of obligatory certification procedure.  In contrast, mobile phone can be declared in accordance with the same EAEU / CU TR regulation, it's illustrated here.
  2. FAC declaration — is approval that certifies conformity with Russian national telecom requirements. It's applicable to sale and operate only but not used to clear customs, read more details...
  3. FSS notification — is special permission for cryptographic modules or functionality used to transfer data or voice by radio channel. It's applicable to import and clear customs only but not to sale, read more...

A few details to certify accessories


Rechargeable battery
could be declared by two ways (both documents are issued under national regulation that's why they will be valid in country of the declaration issuing), more details:

  • in accordance with Russian unified list of equipment and goods under declaration procedure;
  • in accordance with Custom Union unified list of equipment and goods under certification and declaration procedure.

Smartphone, tablet and notebook charger
should be obligatory certified in accordance with two EAEU (formerly CU) regulations:

  • CU TR 004/2011 (LVE) and
  • CU TR 020/2011 (EMC).

All chargers could be certified separately or together with smartphone, notebook or tablet as a kit.